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Direct approach

SSC CGL level Solution Set 89 on number system 11


In this 89th solution set of 10 practice problem exercise for SSC CGL exam and 11th on topic Number System, a few of the problems especially on fractions should pose a bit of challenge to the student. Solutions are all concept and method based and mostly in mind. The problem solving approach should prove valuable to the students. Its paired question set can be used as a mini-mock test on number system, even for competitive tests other than SSC CGL...

SSC CGL Solution Set 65 Trigonometry 6 part 1 video

In this part 1, the first 5 questions in SSC CGL Solution set 65 on trigonometry 6 of are solved with clear explanation. Approach has been to solve each problem in minimum time using basic trigonometric and algebraic concepts and suitable methods. You should also be able to understand and apply the methods on your own...

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