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End state analysis approach

This strategy of problem solving urges us to start analyzing desired end states of the problem and compare the prospective solutions with the initial state to identify the most suitable one. This novel approach usually results in finding the shortest path to the solution at least cost. The approach starts from a completely different angle from the conventional.

Formally we state this great problem solving concept as,

Analyze the Possible End States of the problem and compare each with the initial problem state to first judge degree of similarity between the two, select the most feasible end state with maximum similarity with the initial problem state and test this solution against existing constraints to confirm its validity as the most desirable solution.

In more simple terms, we observe the importance of the end state or goal state of a problem and analyze it fully to judge how quickly and at what least cost we can reach this desired goal state from the defined intial problem state. Primarily the magic happns when the goal end state and the initial starting state are analyzed together for finding the shortest path between the two.

Wherever we could apply this extra powerful problem solving strategy, we have seen practically lightning fast solution of the problem along a very short path. This approach bypasses usual mass of conventional options that delay solution.


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