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SSC CGL level Solution Set 21, Geometry 3

thumb_SSC CGL question set 21 geometry3toppic

This is the 21st solution set of 10 practice problem exercise for SSC CGL exam and 3rd on topic Geometry. You need to take the corresponding test first before referring to this solution set. As expected some of the problem pictorial representation seemed to be complex, but once you represent a geometric figure properly even in a quick sketch, rest should not take much time...

Geometry basic concepts Part 2, Quadrilaterals Polygons Squares

thumb_geometry basic concepts 2

A quadrilateral is a closed shape on a plane bounded by four straight lines. To convey the concept of 'many' the word 'polygon' is used. A closed shape on a plane with many sides is a polygon. Though any number and types of polygons are possible, apart from triangles, we are generally interested in the polygons with four sides, the quadrilateral, the parallelogram, the rectangle, the rhombus and the square...


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