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Systematic solution to hardest geometry question 16b in NSW HSC Math extension 2 exam 2018


The problem we'll take up this time was reported in The Sydney Morning Heraldas the hardest one in the Math Extension 2 exam paper in NSW HSW 2018 test in Australia. It was the question 16b on Geometry involving a large number of pairs of similar triangles.

Students not used to identify the key missing element from a host of elements spread all around and think strategically and systematically would find it difficult...

Systematic solution to hardest geometry question 16c in NSW HSC Math extension 2 exam 2019


The challenging problem solved systematically now was reported in The Sydney Morning Herald as the hardest one in the recent Math Extension 2 exam paper in NSW HSW 2019 test in Australia.

The geometry problem and its solution hold rich learning potential...

How to solve a SSC CGL level tricky age ratio problem lightning fast


Use of the rich ratio technique of multiple of ratio value helps to solve a broad spectrum of ratio problems and specifically many standard number or age ratio problems elegantly in a few steps much faster than conventional procedural methods. The chosen problem here is a tricky one and we will solve it using multiple of ratio value technique as well as conventionally to highlight the power of the rich ratio technique...

How to solve difficult Time and Work problems in simpler steps, type 3


In a large number of math problems involving Time and Work, when more than one group of workers each comprising of a certain number of members, complete a job taking their own time, and the question is to find time taken by similar groups of workers but with different number of members, worker equivalence method invariably leads to much faster conceptual solution with greatly reduced calculation load...

NCERT solutions for class 10 maths Trigonometry set 6


With initial problem analysis and application of trigonometric expression simplifying and problem solving strategies, the problems chosen in this sixth NCERT trigonometry problem solving session could be solved in a few easy steps. Problem solving approach leads again to quick solutions in minimum number of steps...


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