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Problem solving techniques

How to solve difficult SBI PO level reasoning puzzles in a few simple steps 1

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We find that a number of relatively difficult logic analysis problems essentially belonging to the Assignment logic analysis class are used frequently in leading Competitive exams, Interviews and other tests. In a short series of sessions we will cover this important class of logic analysis problems...

How to solve a simple looking problem with a twist, domain mapping


In a problem that looks simple but somehow wrong and violates the commonly known concepts, power of abstraction may often overcome the apparently unknown and uncertain state and helps to reach the elegant solutions. On the way to the solution, usually a higher level rich concept is created the precise form of which was hidden just around the corner...

How to solve a School Math problem in a few simple steps, Trigonometry 3

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The conventional approach to math problem solving relies heavily on manipulation of terms using low level mathematical constructs without using the problem solving abilities of the student. Following only this approach to solving problems, students may tend to become used to mechanical and procedural thinking suppressing their inherent creative and innovative out-of-the-box thinking abilities...

How to solve difficult Algebra problems in a few simple steps 6

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The problems in this sixth session of algebra in a few simple steps are not so intimidating in looks, but there are ample scope for applying problem solving techniques and basic and rich algebra concepts to solve the problems much faster than conventional methods. This approach should not only help SSC CGL aspirants, but should also give valuable fresh ideas of elegant problem solving to school students...

How to solve difficult Algebra problems in a few simple steps 5

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In this fifth session on Algebra problem simplification taking up two complex algebra problems of SSC CGL level, we have explained the nature and practical use of elegant problem solving in a few steps in contrast to longer time-consuming conventional solutions. The problem solving strategies coupled with use of basic and rich algebraic concepts should not only help SSC CGL aspirants, but also give a push to enthusiastic school students in taking the path of innovative thinking...

Enter and come out of the opposite side, but there is much more in this maze 5

thumb_maze5 more ways to improve problem solving skill

While on your way through, you must not retrace any part of your earlier path. This is the only restriction. With this simple rule you just have to enter and try to come out. It's simple. Just go in and enjoy. But please know the questions first. There is much more in this fifth maze...

How to solve Arithmetic mixture problems in a few simple steps 2

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The problems involving Mixture of liquids (and sometimes solids in alloy form) are taught in schools and also form an important part of most of the competitive job tests such as SSC CGL, Bank POs etc. This subtopic belongs to Arithmetic and we have found that students find some difficulties in solving these problems...


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