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Surd rationalization property

More Rich Algebraic Concepts and techniques for elegant solutions of SSC CGL problems

thumb_More rich algebraic concepts and techniques

In our previous article we have explained the basic and rich algebra concepts along with powerful problem solving strategies to solve tough problems quickly and surely in a few simple steps. In this article more such rich algebraic concepts are explained with problem solving examples to bring out the power of each concept and technique in simplifying the solution of complex algebra problems...

How to solve difficult Algebra problems in a few simple steps 5

thumb_How to solve difficult algebra problems in a few simple steps 5

In this fifth session on Algebra problem simplification taking up two complex algebra problems of SSC CGL level, we have explained the nature and practical use of elegant problem solving in a few steps in contrast to longer time-consuming conventional solutions. The problem solving strategies coupled with use of basic and rich algebraic concepts should not only help SSC CGL aspirants, but also give a push to enthusiastic school students in taking the path of innovative thinking...

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